Letting us know something isn’t right is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

What Happens if Something’s Not Right?

If you live in a property that we manage on behalf of your Landlord, reporting a maintenance problem couldn’t be easier. Please use the link above to access our reporting suite and follow the instructions to let us know about your problem. Your report will be forwarded on to the relevant and suitably qualified contractor who’ll contact you to arrange an appointment at your convenience. Once you’ve reported your issue, you’ll receive a confirmation email including your reference code. Please take a note of this as you may need it later.

We can’t accept maintenance problems reported via email or over the phone, so please ensure you follow the steps above.

What can I Expect?

We can’t guarantee that things won’t go wrong in your property. Taps can leak, appliances can breakdown and boilers can stop working – that’s just life. But, what we can guarantee is that we’ll deal with your issue as efficiently and effectively as possible. But, this doesn’t mean that your problem will be resolved immediately. Imagine if you had a similar problem at your own house, it may take a couple of days for a contractor to be available (we can usually be quicker than this) or perhaps a new part is needed – which could take up to a week depending on availability. Once you’ve let us know about your problem, please bear with us – we’ll get it sorted for you as quickly as possible and you’ll be updated throughout the process via the portal.

Important Things To Note

Keys: If you lose your keys, it’ll be your responsibility to get another one cut. You can go directly to our key supplier (Acme Locks) who’ll be able to get you another one. If you get locked out during office hours and have no way of getting in, we can come and let you in – but there will be a call out charge for this.

Out of Hours: Maintenance issues can occur at any time – that’s why we operate a 24/7 emergency maintenance line.

If your out-of-hours maintenance issue is non-urgent, you should report your problem as instructed above  and we’ll deal with it during office hours. An emergency maintenance issue would be:

  • Gas leak – If you can smell gas or suspect a gas leak (in this case, please contact the National Grid immediately on 0800 111999)
  • Water leak – A serious water leak that cannot be contained in one place and may cause serious damage to the property.
  • Electric/Gas failure – Before assuming that this is an emergency, please check with your utility provider as there may just be routine maintenance scheduled or there could be a power cut. Please also check your Fuse Box (located on the inventory) to ensure that the power hasn’t been tripped.
  • Complete failure of the heating and/or hot water system during the winter period.

If you experience any of these problems and you live in one of our managed properties, please call our emergency maintenance contractors

If you’re unable to get hold of an approved contractor and your emergency remains unresolved, you’ll need to contact an alternative, local, professional person. Please be aware that they must hold relevant qualifications and must also have adequate insurance cover. They must only do what is completely necessary to resolve the issue. In this instance, it’s absolutely vital to obtain a receipt/invoice for the work. If you do not live in a a property that we manage, you should seek assistance from your Landlord.

Please be aware that any works undertaken upon your instruction that are deemed not to be as a result of an emergency (listed above), may result in you not being reimbursed by the Landlord.